Diamond SB Edge-1 by Bowtech Review

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archery bow for all men women and kids review

The Diamond SB Edge-1 by Bowtech is the next cutting-edge compound bow on the market today. This compound bow is made for all ages. It can transform from a beginners level to an expert level.

This is a perfect bow that allows you to adjust the weight and draw length to fit each individuals strength and arm length for a perfect aim. It is very easy to carry with it weighing less than 4 pounds and a high durability life. It has a draw length between 15 and 30 inches, at speeds as high as 318 FPS.

This bow can be used for hunting, or just for plain old recreational fun. ┬áIt comes in 3 fun colors of camo, purple camo, and blue camo and made for left and right-handers. With an 80% let off and its customizable features, you won’t be disappointed.